Friday, June 3, 2011


In early April, during a visit to La Crosse, we stopped by Riverside Park on the Mississippi River. The spring snows had melted upstream and the flooding had begun. This view is looking south toward the bridge between Wisconsin and Minnesota. The flooded brick walkway below the statues of the children is normally an open path to the steamboat docking. The cement curb beyond the docking posts is part of the levee usually above water. Across the river you can see the Pettibone Island beach house has been flooded as well.

The photo below shows the same landing looking northward, where the Black River (on the right) joins the main channel of the Mississippi (on the left.)


Jarart said...

That is an adorable sculpture. The good old Mississippi will do her thing, no matter what kinds of barriers we put up.

hip-chick said...

that sculpture is so great. I don't know much about the Mississippi.

EverydayMe said...

great sculpture... the Mississippi... will do whatever it please... {{hugs}} Michelle