Friday, August 7, 2009

SkyWatch Friday: Time for Lunch

We met our daughter for lunch last Friday in the Village of Wauwatosa. Tosa is a large and fairly diverse community in the western part of Milwaukee County. When we lived in Wauwatosa, we were only about 8 blocks from the Village and used to walk there often. The Menomonee River runs through it paralleled by railroad tracks, and a little red station house is still there as an historic marker. The facades have changed and the old fashioned pancake house and "Drew's Variety Store" have been replaced by upscale restaurants, shops, and boutiques. The old Ace hardware store is still there, though - wooden floors and all, as is the good old Baskin-Robbins.

On this day we dined alfresco at Cafe Hollander, and just a few weeks ago we met friends for dinner at Firefly. This newer building (above) houses offices, indoor parking and a Noodles Restaurant, and features a clock tower showing that it was, indeed, time for lunch.

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