Friday, July 10, 2009


I think the picture says it all. Oh, the dejection!....perhaps this is where the expression "hang-dog" look comes from?
Nik and I often walk up to Balmer Park, and if no one is around, we'll stroll the perimeter. The majority of space is given to playground equipment, tennis & basketball courts, a soccer field, and a softball field, but we avoid those areas and stick next to the woods along the road. (And I am very diligent about picking up after her.) After all, as she says, dogs are people, too.


Abe Lincoln said...

I like the dog. I would take that dog home with me in a minute.

Jarart said...

Ha! I love this shot!

Jilly said...

Perfect placement of dog and sign. Oh poor dog. Dogs are so good at looking rejected aren't they? A beauty this one. Lovely shot.