Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Outlook

This little re-purposed silo is a small chapel that's accessible 24/7 at the nearby Fox River UCC.  I think I've posted it before, a long time ago - but it seemed so lovely against the stark, snowy gray day that I had to take another look.

The outside stained glass window is new. Inside it's a bit chilly, but homey. A little stone bench gives one a place to sit and contemplate or pray. There is a mini-alter that even has a velvet padded kneeler for comfort. And of course, the simple wooden cross to remind us of the chapel's purpose. There is a small, red eternal flame lantern that is suspended below a tiny stained glass window in the corner as well.  The scene shows a dove carrying an olive branch, the symbol of peace.

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Judy said...

This is a nice reuse of the silo and I am sure a place that is visited often.