Sunday, May 5, 2013


The sheep at the neighboring Freyer Family Centennial Farm in Pewaukee had just been sheared and were frolicking outside their barn yesterday afternoon, enjoying a little bit of sun and fresh air. It was still rather chilly, so even though they were saying "baaa" they were probably thinking "brrr."  Bet they wish they still had their warm coats!

The "head honcho" of the group is this ram:

...and the most entertaining of the group is the Siamese "Border-Cat" shepherd!


RamblingRound said...

Oh that cat almost looks like a little lamb herself!

Lowell said...

Very cute. The cat is a riot!

Re your comment about Windows 8: Funny and I think you're right on. Of course, people might also wonder what the hell was "h*ll"? :)