Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When I'm Calling You....

During our recent visit to Arizona, we spent 3 days in chilly, but gorgeous Sedona. While taking a short hike around our hotel, we heard some gurgling and cooing and looked up to see this pitch-black raven bobbing and weaving, making a very unusual noise.  I know that ravens and crows can make dozens of different sounds, and they are notorious for mimicking other birds and animals as well, but I had never heard this variation before. It's sort of a cross between a mourning dove and a sand hill crane. Could it be a mating call of sorts? He kept it up for several minutes before flying off. I've also posted a video below which includes a short burst of it.  (Hope it works for you.)

UPDATE:  I think I've come close on this one... it almost sounds like he is mimicking the call of the Sand Hill Crane, which is making a very strong come-back around the US once again.  When they fly high over-head, their regular call is quite muted and is similar to this raven's 'churl'.  


Lowell said...

Very interesting. We watched the movie, "The Big Year," last night which is about bird-watchers watching birds. Starred Steve Martin, among others, and was well-done.

I ran into some crows this morning on the golf course. They gave me no respect and actually laughed at the way I was playing: "Haw, haw, haw!"

Judy said...

Ravens are an interesting bird and one that I love to watch. There was a documentary about them on PBS a few weeks ago. I found out that they have a language and are quite intelligent.