Sunday, March 10, 2013

Compact Kitchen Remodel

After 6 weeks and a few 'snafus', we're finally done with our little remodeling project!  While I wish we could have afforded a major overhaul by gutting the existing tiny kitchen and revamping the design to create a more open and user-friendly layout, it just wasn't in the cards.  

We had to keep the existing oak cabinets and white appliances, but by painting the cabinets and adding a new sink & faucet, redoing the backsplash with field and accent tiles, and replacing the worn white formica with updated quartz counter-tops, I think we've brightened up the place a little. Not shown is the the eat-in dinette cafe table which seats 4, located behind the counter stool area, and we kept that "as-is." It's a great place to have breakfast and morning coffee as we enjoy the east-facing view of the back yard out the bright patio doors. (Nik's favorite spot, too!)

The best part of the whole project is that we finally got rid of our old, tinny electric stove and replaced it with a sleek gas range. 

(For some reason, I can't seem to find my "before" photos - but if/when I do, I will add them.)


Lowell said...

I like a lot. And I like the white appliances better than stainless steel. We just moved from our villa in Stone Creek (which had all stainless) to a home in Ocala with white appliances. The white's much nicer. In fact, from the looks of it, we might have the same refrigerator!

This is beautiful and well-done and you should be proud. It's modern, very attractive, and looks quite functional.

MJ said...

Thanks, Lowell!

Judy said...

This is lovely. I like a small kitchen (which is good since that is what I have)but I would love to have those wonderful counter tops in mine and that new stove is on my to do list. Enjoy1

Arthur Bryant said...

Your kitchen looks simple, but I love it! You did great in blending shades. Red is really a great color to use in the kitchen area as it triggers appetite. Your white appliances go well with your beige cabinets, too! Job well done, MJ!

Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express