Saturday, July 21, 2012

Piano Lessons

Wauwatosa is the Native American term for firefly, so many things and places in Tosa have the word "firefly" within them.  This cute piano studio, located in a refurbished house on Harwood Ave., has a rusty water pump out front cleverly sporting the shop's sign.


Judy said...

Do you still have fireflies there? We had them here but they have not been seen for over thirty years now. We also used to have frogs by the thousands but they are all gone too. Kind of scary.

MJ said...

We do still have fireflies around here. On warm, humid summer nights, our back tree line seems to light up with fireworks - mostly between dusk and midnight. They tend to taper off as autumn approaches. Sadly, this year because of the drought our area is experiencing, these beautiful aerobic dancers are few and far between.