Saturday, June 25, 2011


So, I'm patiently waiting my turn at the 4-way stop at the edge of our subdivision, when I casually glance out my my window at a huge knothole in an ancient box elder tree. Imagine my surprise, when I see these two little guys poke their heads out and stare back at me! (I must apologize for the poor quality of this particular image - I did not have my regular camera with me while out running errands....isn't that always the case?) I quickly pulled over and was lucky enough to get a snapshot with my cell phone before they ducked back down inside.

The odd part about this is that, even though we live in a semi-rural area, and see lots of turkeys, pheasants, ground hogs, possum, and deer, I can't recall the last time we saw a raccoon wander through the area.


Jarart said...

You got lucky! If they hadn't been peeking out you never would have known. That is just so cute! I'm glad you spotted them.

MJ said...

Thanks, Judy. They were very shy & didn't want to peek out when they heard cars go by, so I was patient. See the new & improved, updated image on my 6/26/11 post!