Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

It's been a chilly season this year in Pewaukee. We've only had one day in the 70's so far & that was way back on April 10th. We did have a lovely, sunny day last Friday (4/29 - the same day as the Royal Wedding!) and during my morning walk, I discovered this pretty little patch of wildflowers blooming on the north side of Lindsay Road. I've noticed them in this same shady spot each spring for the past few years, but have never seen them anywhere else. I have some "feelers" out to my botanist friends, so I hope to discover their official name soon.


EverydayMe said...

wow wow wow... so pretty I love the color... enjoy your spring!!!
{{hugs}} Michelle

Jarart said...

Whatever they are, they are very pretty and I would think a very welcome sight after a long cold winter!