Thursday, August 26, 2010

City of the Big Shoulders

We drove down to Chicago last weekend to see our son. He won a trip through his work (top regional sales!) and flew in from Phoenix for a 4-day visit. Saturday afternoon was the only free time he had and the weather was ideal: blue skies, sunny and warm, but not too humid. And talk about people! The streets were teeming with them, walking, skating, biking, site-seeing, and shopping. We stopped at a great little restaurant called the "Gage" - right across from Grant Park on Michigan Ave. and had a delightful lunch together. We sat near the front windows with a super vantage point for people-watching! Afterward, we wandered past the Art Institute of Chicago (our favorite), through the park, and enjoyed browsing an art show on the green. Next was a stroll down to Lake Michigan to watch the sailboats, and then back again through Millennium Park. All around us the skyline was such an interesting backdrop. I love the architecture in this city.
A perfect day - but much too short, as then we had to say our good-byes and be on our way. We'll see Seth again in October when he flies back home to Milwaukee for a GB Packers game. We'll be back down to Chicago, that toddlin' town, any other time the opportunity presents itself.

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