Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amaryllis Redux

I know I've already posted images from my amaryllis plant earlier in the month, but the blooms of the second stalk are even more dazzling than the first, so I just had to share. As previously noted, I ordered a bulb from a girlfriend last fall who bought a package of a dozen from an online source. They were all mixed up and so we had no idea what color they might be. I potted it indoors in early November, and according to the directions, it was supposed to bloom by Christmas. No such luck. It only had a few inch-high leaves & looked like it would never grow.

By mid-January, suddenly several stalks shot up seemingly over night. The first foot-tall stalk had two flowers, but this one has four (!) dinner-plate sized blooms. There is a third stalk in the wings & hopefully, that will be just as spectacular.


Jarart said...

This is a stunning flower! I wish the blooms lasted longer but I guess that's what pictures are for!

Jacob said...

We really like these plants and had a number of them (different colors) around the yard...then we sold the house!