Sunday, January 10, 2010

Green Bay Packers vs Arizona Cardinals

While in Arizona last week, we attended the Packers-Cardinals game where the Pack won handily: 33-7. This week, in the play-offs, they meet again down in Phoenix and Green Bay is expected to repeat their win, although probably not by that stretch. It's amazing how many Packers fans there were in Phoenix, although much of it was probably due to timing. It was, after all, the holidays - when thousands of midwest "snow-birds" flock down south to warmer weather. But there are also lots of midwest transplants living in the southwest, many originally from Wisconsin - hence the Packers allegiance.

I was able to catch a few good crowd shots to demonstrate the rivalry. The cheese-adorned fan above does not exactly represent Green Bay's finest ambassador. However, the banner below illustrates what I've just described.

The commentary represented by this Arizona fan's helmet (below) shows what he hopes happens to the Packers.

And, finally - this cardboard cut-out of Brett Favre, all "gussied" up by some Cardinals fans, depicts what they think of him - (and since this is a PG-rated blog, I can't even show what was going on below the waist...) but let's remember, he's no longer a Packer!

All I can say is: GO PACK!

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Kate said...

Unfortunately, it didn't happen, and as a Green Bay transplant, I am mightily disappointed. Could even shed a tear or two, but it was a hellavu game, especially the second half. The NYTimes today had a good article describing the game in its Sport section. Since I now live in St. Paul surrounded by Vikings, even in my own family, the defeat was especially significant!! It would have been fantastic if the Vikes had met the Packers again! One can dream!!