Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O, Christmas Tree

It started to snow here this evening - the first real storm of the season. While taking Nik for her evening walk around the neighborhood, we got a nice view of all the holiday lights and decorations that people have put out this year. This large Christmas tree was just beautiful, although because it's snowing pretty hard, it was challenging to get a clear photo.

Lots of schools in the area have already announced they will be closed tomorrow. With any luck, we may have a SNOW DAY from work, too!


Linda said...

I read about your storm on Accuweather. This looks nice and gentle - hope you're not too badly affected by the raging blizzards.

Jarart said...

This is a delightful picture! I love how you captured the snowflakes falling. Our snow has started melting already but it was beautiful while it lasted. The storm we had brought 70mph winds with it that did a lot of damage. I hope your storm is more serene.