Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Spirit x10!

This holiday light display is located on One Mile Road in Lisbon, WI. It's a residential street, just a mile long, ending with a farm house that sells Christmas trees.

Believe it or not, this house has actually cut-back the number of decorations they usually put up. In addition to what's currently there, last year they had a ten foot high revolving globe that said "Peace on Earth" in the front yard. You can also see just the corner of their back deck on the left hand side of this image, which is also lit up. Not visible in this photo is a giant lighted wreath hanging from the side of their house. Someone has to keep the electric company in business :-)

1 comment:

Jarart said...

It's a nice display, not too over the top, but more than most. I like these night shots.