Monday, November 30, 2009

Theme Day - Waiting: Turkey Blind

This heap of what looked to be a giant block of hay first appeared around September in a nearby field. I've since learned it's a turkey blind - a small inner tent that is surround by hay, which is supported by sticks. Hunters can hide inside and shoot any hapless birds that wander by. Which is pretty likely, since this is the area where I've seen lots of turkey in the past.

But the key is patience...and lots of waiting.

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Hilda said...

Oh dear. I really don't like hunting, but I guess the 'blind' is an effective tool for the sport.

Joan Elizabeth said...

How fascinating .. I've learnt something new ... an interesting take on the theme.

Julie said...

very interesting. i have learned something new. and a great choice for theme day as this must involve lots of waiting