Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pink Frosting House

Every La Crosse local is familiar with the prominent "pink frosting" house, located at the intersection of Losey Blvd. and King St., just beneath Granddad's Bluff. It resides in a lovely old neighborhood, but because Losey is the main drag through the city, it has become a land mark of sorts.

A decade or so ago, one owner painted the stucco house a more benign terra cotta color. Gasp! There must have been objections, because shortly thereafter, it was once again re-painted pink.

I recently found out that one of our friends from high school purchased the place a few years ago. Apparently, her grandfather was the electrician when it was built in 1927. It's built in the Moroccan style of architecture by Otto Merman. There is a rumor that the home was a speakeasy during prohibition with a bar in the basement and a secret hiding place under the stairway. You can read more history about it here. [Select the April 2009 newsletter .PDF.]


Jarart said...

What a great landmark! And a view too.

In Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Pink was a popular color for the Mediterranean-style stucco houses when I was growing up in California - so odd to see one among the bare winter trees of the midwest!
Three Rivers Daily Photo

EverydayMe said...

what a story... it sure does have some history... very cool that your friend was able to get... and about his grandad... {{hugs}} Michelle