Monday, November 16, 2009


Meet the reason we've all been a little distracted around here lately: Harriet. She's my daughter Kate's new little CockaPoo, just about 15 weeks old. At 8.5 lbs, she looks a lot bigger than she is...& most of it is fluff! She lives with Kate at her apartment, but spent most of this past weekend at our house and got to know our dog, Nik (who loved her) and our cat, Phoebe (who did not!)


Jilly said...

Oh how adorable. No wonder you've been distracted. I look after dogs as my living and recently had a goldendoodle from America and know these special mixes for allergic people can really seem to work. Am sure Harriet will bring your daughter and all the family the greatest pleasure and looks like she's landed on her feet.

Kcalpesh said...

Very cute :-)

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Linda said...

Looks like a bundle of energy. So funny about your cat!