Thursday, October 22, 2009

Modern Stoneage

On the way out of Green Bay, we drove past this Subway/gas station dinosaur. Reminds me of the old Sinclair mascot from years ago.


Jarart said...

And that clydesdale isn't too shabby either.

Trevor said...

This gas station was, in fact, a Sinclair at one time... and that was one of two original green Sinclair dinosaurs on the property (the second was stolen and never recovered, as far as I know).

Sinclair went under a massive downscaling in the late 1980s and it dropped the Lombardi Ave. station among many others. The owners then sold gas under the brand of "Dino Stop" for a while, before picking up Shell in the mid-1990s. That's when the green dino was painted in Shell gray, yellow, and red (I like how they gave him a shirt - the Sinclair dinos were naked!).

Today the gas station operates as "Dino Shell" and the old Sinclair dinosaur still stands tall, greeting customers as they come by.