Monday, August 3, 2009

Waukesha Gun Club

The Waukesha Gun Club is actually located in the city of Pewaukee. Even though it's about 3 miles or so from our house, we can sometimes hear them practice from our yard.

While driving by last weekend, we noticed the signs, trucks, and campers and saw they were having a regional tournament. We're not big gun fans, but we decided to stop and just watch for a few minutes.

There is a large practice range with shooting stations, very much like a driving range for golf. The two men below were competing for "Top Gun" in the skeet shoot. There is a large portable crane-like rig that launches clay "pigeons" or "skeet" & the shooters clip them off in mid-air using shot guns. Very impressive.

Learn more about skeet shooting here.


Jacob said...

We have a nice gun club in Ocala...but it's small arms and .22 rifles only...

I've never shot skeet...looks too hard. I can't even shoot a bird with my camera!

EverydayMe said...

Not a big gun person either... but Steve is... he would of probably loved this... {{HUGS}} Michelle