Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh, Deer

This sweet itty-bitty baby fawn froze in his tracks right in the middle of Lindsay Road when he saw me approach on my bicycle. I stopped as soon as I saw him to get a photo before he bolted. I waited a bit to see if his mother was any where to be seen, but no such luck.

In our area, because it's rural and the roads are mostly dark and unlit at night, deer hits are common. While the surroundings appear to be peaceful, the image is a bit deceiving because the road behind him (Redford Rd./Hwy F) is actually a busy 4-lane highway that has lots of truck traffic. So, it's possible his mama was a recent victim.

As I rode up to the area where he had been, I looked down into the grassy culvert bordering the road and could see the tall grass rustle over his head as he walked towards the woods. Maybe his mama was waiting for him, hidden in the distance. If not, I wonder if - or how long - he will survive...


Jarart said...

That's so sad. Poor little deer.

EverydayMe said...

this reminds me of when we were in SD... to see my dad... they were everywhere... and almost hit 2... {{HUGS}} Michelle