Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Red Rock Country

I would be remiss if I didn't post at least a few photos of the gorgeous red-rock scenery we encountered in Sedona. The top shot includes a view of what appears to be private water reservoirs back in Boynton Canyon in West Sedona. Not sure if they belong to the Enchantment Resort located along the canyon, or if they are part of the very posh collection of houses in the area.

Boynton Canyon parallels the above mentioned resort for a short distance of the trail. They have no doubt seen their share of errant hikers and so have responded by erecting an adobe retaining wall with an iron-gate fence. Also posted are "keep out" signs boasting of security cameras and armed guards. So much for hospitality...

At the end of the trail we found a plateau covered with dozens of small piles of methodically stacked rocks. Not sure what the meaning of this is - but we found it quite amusing, and naturally had to add our own contributions.


Jacob said...

Great shots! Sedona is very special...when we lived in Scottsdale back in the early 60s, we'd sometimes drive to Sedona for the day and just hang out...so beautiful!

Daily Chicago Photo said...

Love these pictures. we've never been to Sedona but it is on our list of "must get to" places.

I wonder if the stacked rocks are some form of inuksuits ? (http://www.arcticinuitart.com/culture/inuk.html) When we were in the North Channel last summer, there were many there that people created. They could be some hiking trail markers as well.