Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meadow Creek Market

During an early bicycle ride on Friday morning I was finally able to get a few more photos of the community of Pewaukee. Meadow Creek Market is a large shopping area made up of several blocks of retail stores. You can see Wal-Mart in the distance. It was still early, and therefore the whole area was pretty quiet. Very ho-hum suburbia...

Of course, there is the ubiquitous Walgreen's Pharmacy.

...and the necessary grocery store, Pick & Save (or as locals call it, the "Pluck & Shove.")

Sit on the patio or have a cup of coffee to go from Dunn Brother's Coffee.

You can always "Save Big Money at Menard's!" (as their ad goes) - the regional home improvement super store.

Hungry? Have lunch at the Chinese "Supper Buffet" -- I believe there's one like this in every city.

And finally, stop to see if you have any money left at the National City Bank.

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