Monday, June 22, 2009

Harriet & Humbert

Can you see her? Being so tiny, blending in is probably a good thing. That and being quick! We've named this little female hummingbird Harriet. She sat perched on top of the Linden tree surveying her surroundings for a very long time. At least we think she's a female because she is not as bright as Humbert, the male, seen below at the feeder.

They are not shy, either. If we are sitting on the patio & the feeder is nearly empty, they will buzz around, chirp loudly and complain. Just like kids... so maybe we're really not empty-nesters after all.


Daily Chicago Photo said...

Beautiful photo and excellent that you got it in flight. That's hard! Of course catching them sitting is tough too. Love that you named them.

Dusty Lens said...

Heh, we have our hummers, Hummy the female and H1 and H2, the 2 males. We haven't seen them for better than a week.