Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I think it supposed to be a play on words with a Mexican accent... "Seester's" (as in sisters) is a cute little Mexican restaurant on Wisconsin Avenue across from Pewaukee Lake. The bright stools out in front are a great place to spend a summer afternoon or a warm evening with friends and a margarita! People watching is also fun during the summer when the lakefront comes alive with residents and visitors alike.


Jacob said...

It does look cute. If the food is good, I envy you, as we no longer have a decent Mexican restaurant in Ocala. The closest one was in Gainesville (40 plus miles) and now that has closed!

Jarart said...

Yumm, the buildings are pretty. Is the food good?

MJ said...

Judy - yep, the food is quite good & very authentic. :-) Now I'm craving some burritos!