Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Robin's Nest

This robin's nest is located in one of the spruce trees in our yard, right about shoulder-high from the ground. It didn't appear to be a very safe spot, but still - three pretty blue eggs! A few days after I took this shot, I heard a squawking ruckus on the patio. A crow was circling the yard, being dive-bombed by mama robin. Later that same day another check on the nest showed all the eggs were gone. So goes nature.


Bibi said...

Aw, so sad to hear that the eggs are gone. I feel bad! I was attracted to this photo because it reminds me of similar nests I'd find at my grandmother's house in Pennsylvania when I was little.

Daily Chicago Photo said...

Sorry about the eggs. The loss reminds me of when I'd see the seagulls kidnap the new little ducklings in the marina by us. But, as you said, so goes nature.

On a more pleasant note, this is a great picture. So Spring-like.

Jarart said...

What a beautiful picture of robin's eggs! But a sad story like my sad bird story in today's post. But you are right, that is the way of nature.

Hilda said...

That is so sad!

The eggs have such a wonderful color!