Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Stand

A new multi-sports arena is slated to be put on this spot on the east end of Lindsay Road in the next few years. The house that stood along with this old barn was burned down last fall in a fire-training exercise for local firefighters, and then subsequently demolished (see ruble at left.) The barn has been stripped of its' collectible exterior barn-boards and now stands as a condemned shell. It will no doubt be demolished soon. Kind of sad to see the end of an era in this once very rural community.


Jacob said...

I can, in my mind's eye, see that beautiful Wisconsin farm as it used to be. Yes, it is very sad when we pave over paradise...and that's been the story of Florida for years!

A few people make lots of money and the rest of us are left holding a crumbly old bag of ticky-tack houses and shopping malls.

Jarart said...

I agree with Jacob. What a shame to loose these old farms.