Monday, March 2, 2009

Dogs & Cats Living Together

Both Nik and Phoebe have a little touch of cabin fever. Usually, they give each other a wide berth but lately they've been waiting in ambush for each other or jockeying for position over the few spots of sun in the house. Recently, while I was playing ball with the dog, Phoebe surprised us all by chasing it, too. I just had to share the "best butts" shot!

Eventually, they both just looked at the ball - and then at each other - and then walked away. Not worth the effort when there are beams of sun to absorb...(see below.)


brattcat said...

Is Phoebe a really big cat or is Nik a really little dog?

gogouci said...

Very cute duo.

MJ said...

Reply to Brattcat: Nik is an energetic 5 yr. old Shiba Inu dog. She weighs about 22 lbs. Shiba's are very cat-like in their behavior and appearance. Learn more about them at the American Kennel Club:, or at at the Natiaonl Shiba club of America:

Phoebe is a very tolerant 12 yr. old American short-hair cat.

brattcat said...

Thanks for the clarification. It's a great shot.